Solar Energy Systems
for Home­owners

Roof top PV solar energy solutions for Homeowners' Sustainable living.

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy was announced by HRH Dubai Ruler. The strategy calls for all rooftops in the city to have solar panels by 2030. Bravo Solar Energy company is helping to reach the sustainable target and provide benefits homeowners:

  • Energy independence from Utility companies
  • Reduction and even elimination of Electricity bills
  • Increase of property value
  • Constant monitoring and control over energy generation and use
  • Green energy for peace of mind

Shams Dubai

Shams Dubai initiative allows homeowners to sell excess energy from Your Renewables to DEWA Grid.

In brief, DEWA buys surplus energy from your PV Solar Energy System installed in your house. At the billing day you are charged with the net amount and that could be 0 AED. Thus, your Solar Energy System eliminates cost of energy you use.

How We Work

Simple steps will guide you through the whole Project preparation, Execution and commissioning process:

  • 1
    Free consultation
    Let us know your energy requirements and monthly consumption so we can estimate your savings and rate of return. Our experienced engineering team evaluates your home and available space for Solar Energy equipment lay out. At this stage a Quotation with the most efficient and cost-effective option is submitted.
  • 2
    Formal agreement signing
    The agreement contains detailed scope of work and all important information including warranty terms for your protection.
  • 3
    Solar Energy System thorough design
    The detailed design based on your actual site measurements will be done by our experienced engineers
  • 4
    Solar Energy System installation
    All permits and paperwork are prepared by our team and the Solar Energy System is ready be installed by professional personnel at your convenient time.
  • 5
    Green energy generating
    Finally, DEWA approval is obtained and you are ready to switch on your Solar Energy system. Enjoy your Independence with Green energy.

Our solutions

BRAVO Solar Energy Systems Contracting offers a vast variety of equipment from top rated equipment manufacturers. Photovoltaic panels with 10 years replaceable warranty and 25 years of service lifespan, high efficiency and reliable Inverters with up to 20 years warranty, best batteries for energy storage made of Lithium Iron Phosphate or AGM Gel technologies. As part of a package we offer 24-hours On-line monitoring system where entire information about PV Power production rate, efficiency, consumption and so on is displayed and can be accessible from anywhere via computer or smartphone.

Bravo Solar Energy Company offers JLM Products through its affiliate Al Faddaghi and Partners the Sole Dealer for JLM Energy products in Middle East and Africa.

JLM Energy products

Energizr 100

Energizr 100 creates a local microgrid so that on-grid Inverter continues generating power and provide back up energy, even during a black-out. One unit is able to run most of the appliances, lights, etc. in a 150 to 250 square meters house. Multiple units can be installed for bigger houses.

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Energizr 200

Energizr 200 is a flexible solution of energy storage system that works seamlessly with solar power and the Public Grid to reduce your electricity bills.

When the batteries are fully charged, the inverter transfers all available solar power to the grid so you can sell energy to DEWA.

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Measurz allows you to keep tracking your savings. This unique software solution allows 24 hour monitoring of your system from JLM headquarters in the USA.

Customers can login at any place to see a live estimation of utility bill and savings from solar system and much more.

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