Solar Panels

Bravo Solar Energy offers a wide range of Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline photovoltaic panels in both UAE and Saudi Arabia.

What you get

  • PV Modules choice assistance
  • Variety of well-known brands
  • High quality products
  • High efficiency
  • Certified products
  • 10 years replaceable warranty
  • 25 years linear power output warranty
  • DEWA approved panels
  • Affordable price

Solar Energy Systems

Moreover, BRAVO Solar Energy provides Turnkey projects execution of On-Grid and Off-Grid for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and more for the purposes included in the Dubai Shams program. Learn more...


  • Solar Panels Trina Solar
  • Solar Panels Yingli Solar
  • Solar Panels Canadian Solar
  • Solar Panels Sharp Solar
  • Solar Panels Perlight Solar
  • Solar Panels QS SOLAR
  • Solar Panels Mitsubishi Electric

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Solar Panels Catalog

Brand Model Power, W Efficiency, % Dimensions, mm
Canadian Solar Canadian Solar, CS6K-275M 275W 16,8% 1650x992x40mm
Canadian Solar Canadian Solar, CS6K-280M 280W 17,11% 1650x992x41mm
Canadian Solar Canadian Solar, CS6K-285M 285W 17,41% 1650x992x42mm
Canadian Solar Canadian Solar, CS6K-290MS 290W 17.72% 1650x992x43mm
Canadian Solar Canadian Solar, CS6K-295MS 295W 18.02% 1650x992x41mm
Canadian Solar Canadian Solar, CS6K-300MS 300W 18.33% 1650x992x42mm
Mitsubishi electric Mitsubishi electric, PV-MLE270HD  270W 16,3% 1625x1019x46mm
Mitsubishi electric Mitsubishi electric, PV-MLE280HD2  280W 16,9% 1625x1019x46mm
Perlight Perlight, PLM-310P-72 310W 17% 1956x992x40mm
Perlight Perlight, PLM-310M-72 320W 18% 1956x992x41mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSP6-72/305 305W 15,9% 1954x982x44mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSP6-72/310 310W 16,2% 1954x982x45mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSP6-72/315 315W 16,42% 1954x982x46mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSP6-72/320 320W 16,68% 1954x982x47mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSM6-72/320 320W 16,68% 1954x982x40mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSM6-72/325 325W 16,94% 1954x982x41mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSM6-72/330 330W 17,2% 1954x982x42mm
QS Solar QS Solar, QSM6-72/335 335W 17,46% 1954x982x43mm
Yingli Yingli, YL190P-23b 190W 14,7% 1310x990x40mm
Yingli Yingli, YL195P-23b 195W 15% 1310x990x41mm
Yingli Yingli, YL200P-23b 200W 15,4% 1310x990x42mm
Yingli Yingli, YL205P-23b 205W 15,8% 1310x990x43mm
Yingli Yingli, YL210P-23b 210W 16,2% 1310x990x44mm
Yingli Yingli, YL205C-24b 205W 15,6% 1330x990x40mm
Yingli Yingli, YL210C-24b 210W 15,9% 1330x990x41mm
Yingli Yingli, YL215C-24b 215W 16,3% 1330x990x42mm
Yingli Yingli, YL220C-24b 220W 16,7% 1330x990x43mm
Yingli Yingli, YL225C-24b 225W 17,1% 1330x990x44mm
Trina Trina, TSM-PD05.08 280W 17,1% 1650x992x35mm
Trina Trina, TSM-PD05.05 275W 16.8% 1650x992x35mm
Trina Trina, TSM-DD05A.08 305W 18.6% 1650x992x35mm
Trina Trina, TSM-DD05A.08 300W 18.3% 1650x992x35mm
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