Solar Energy Systems

BRAVO Solar Energy Company provides Turnkey projects execution of On-Grid and Off-Grid for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental etc. purposes including Dubai Shams program.

What you get

  • Energy
  • Save
  • Property
    value rise
  • Live
    a clean life
  • 24/7 Monitoring
    and Control
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How We Work

Our experienced Solar Energy System engineers provide thorough assessment of Your needs and requirements, deliver detailed Design and calculations. We also take care of all paperwork and permits. Installation is carried out by trained and certified personnel under constant supervision of qualified engineers.

Simple steps will guide you through the whole Project preparation, Execution and commissioning process:

  • 1
    Free consultation
    Let us know your energy requirements and monthly consumption so we can estimate your savings and rate of return. Our experienced engineering team evaluates your site and available space for Solar Energy equipment lay out. At this stage a Quotation with the most efficient and cost-effective option is submitted.
  • 2
    Formal agreement signing
    The agreement contains detailed scope of work and all important information including warranty terms for your protection.
  • 3
    Solar Energy System thorough design
    The detailed design based on your actual site measurements will be done by our experienced engineers covering all technical points
  • 4
    Solar Energy System installation
    All permits and paperwork are prepared by our team and the Solar Energy System is ready be installed by professional personnel at your convenient time.
  • 5
    Green energy generating
    Finally, DEWA approval is obtained and you are ready to switch on your Solar Energy system. Enjoy your Independence with Green energy.


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