Choosing an electric generator

In our conditions, power outages occur quite often. To maintain in the operating mode of single-phase household or three-phase industrial technology, various current generators will necessarily be required. The latter are able to work both on gasoline and diesel fuel. But which ones to choose for the house, and what for the industrial equipment?

If you need at any time to supply low-cost household appliances, operating from 220 V, it is logical to purchase a proven single-phase gasoline generator, complete with a simple but reliable two-stroke ICE that does not have valves and rocker arms. Their role is played by input and output windows. In such a schematic there is simply nothing to break! It is enough to fill this type of generator with a special type of fuel - a mixture of gasoline and synthetics, as a device at one gas station can work for at least 3-4 hours!

Consumption of the fuel mixture remains at a fairly low level - only 1.5 liters per standard 1 kW of power. This mainly applies to generators of increased capacity.

Consumption of fuel mixture can be drastically reduced if you buy a generator with a reduced power and built-in rectifier, which has another outlet with a direct current. With its help, you can recharge any battery in real time while the engine is running, and use the latter to replenish any household single-phase equipment. Single-phase versions of generators are built, usually with the help of trouble-free magneto. Expensive models can be equipped and starters. In any case, a generator with a two-stroke engine in cold latitudes will be the best solution, since they are built with ease at negative temperatures!

The cost price of one kilowatt of energy for these types of generators stably varies within $ 1. At first glance it seems that a lot, but if you compare this price to the cost of electricity received from renewable energy sources, it will be significantly lower. Thus, the generator is working often, it pays off in extremely fast terms - the refrigerators do not run, the machines will work in the regular mode, and in the house you can always watch TV or recharge the phones and laptops.

But if it is required to start three-phase industrial equipment, it is reasonable to buy a more powerful and economical diesel generator, which due to the high compression ratio, which easily achieves a two-digit figure in the best atmospheric and turbo models, allows to get both high torque and economy. In addition to diesel versions, it is necessary to classify the purchase of generators of almost any capacity - 5-100 kW, which allows the potential buyer to really pick up the required single-phase or much more powerful three-phase diesel generator and operate it as often as necessary for operation.