The energy of the sun as an alternative to electricity

Solar energy has become an excellent alternative to electricity, this system helps reduce cash costs, and is a reliable way that will not fail at the most inopportune moment and does not depend on the power outage. Solar energy has started to develop actively, and many companies invest in the construction of solar-powered power plants.

Operation of systems

If we talk about the private use of this type of energy, then on the roof of the building (or somewhere nearby) have batteries that catch the sun's rays and work as generators, i.e. Convert this energy into electrical energy. This work is performed by silicon crystals, they enter the battery itself, these platinum are inside. It is worth knowing that the power of work and the ability to generate electricity depend on their area. Usually a standard family needs about 22 square meters. M. Of power batteries.

Its production is also affected by the number and duration of sunny days, under favorable conditions, 1 square meter of such a battery is able to accumulate about 110 watts. From this calculation, it is necessary to calculate how many square meters it is necessary to establish for each individual to provide his house with electricity. It should be noted that in cloudy weather or winter time, solar energy will reach the collector. They are also capable of accumulating and transforming into electrical, but productivity will drop and amount to about 48% of summer output.

Autonomous power supply is a system that is able to accumulate solar beams and successfully convert their energy into electricity. It consists of batteries, inverter, battery and controller.

Types of systems

Solar batteries are classified by composition and capacity. It depends on the flint plates and the kind of their crystallization. The most powerful of them are monocrystalline, they are very compact, they more efficiently accumulate energy, but they also cost more.

Another kind of platinum capable of accumulating solar energy is polycrystalline batteries. They show a good capacity for accumulation, productivity and economy, but their only disadvantage is that they are quite large, which makes their installation difficult.

Another kind of battery is made of thin-film silicon. They are the most affordable, but also the lowest produced and the most cumbersome of all. This kit will cost the user about 20 tr.

But before installing such stations it is necessary to take into account their mass and what load the roof of the house can take out. The weight of one standard battery is about 7 kilograms. You need to calculate how many of these panels need to be delivered, and then calculate the total weight and the degree of load.

The effectiveness of the entire system will depend on the quality of the installation, which is better to entrust to professionals. The slope of the roof and access to the sun is very important. The batteries should be installed at right angles to the sun, on the sunny side. Watch that there are no obstructions, because the more rays will hit the plates, the higher will be its performance.

At purchase it is necessary to pay attention to supporting construction of all system, it should be strong, capable to keep all weight and to sustain all possible weather conditions, for example, a strong wind.

There are several types of structures, they are selected depending on the roof. They are for both flat and roofs with different angles of inclination. There are also universal, suitable for any type.

Power stations

Prospective at the moment, are able to convert a huge amount of energy and produce a lot of electricity. The problem of the sun is solved thanks to powerful mirrors, which are installed on top of such a power plant and turn after the sun rays automatically. At present, many such stations have already been put into operation.

Pros of solar panels

It's durability and work without damage, because The whole system has the simplest but most effective design, it is not subject to any technical breakdown. The supply of electricity to the house will not depend on a malfunction or a power outage. Care is almost not required. And as necessary, you can easily and simply increase the energy intensity of the entire system: it is enough to buy and install several batteries in addition. This can be done at any time, regardless of the service life.


As in any system, they also exist. The main one is that the percentage of the productivity of the entire system depends directly on the weather conditions and the number of sunny days.

What to look for when buying

One of the most important parameters is the performance and the maximum power factor. It depends on the type of batteries. Still need to check the number of silicon cells, the presence of protective diodes, as well as the quality of connectors and cables.

Successful purchase and application!