Energy Storage Systems

Have a light everytime and everywhere
* For off-grid remote places

Provide your family and your business with stable electricity

As you know, now, in the summer hot period, very often there are cliffs in the supply of electricity due to the high load on the power grid.

Our company Bravo Solar Energy offers solutions that allow you to forget about problem of switching off electricity permanently forever and have stable electricity 24 hours a whole year, and also save your budget.

Install batteries to store electricity and you will automatically switch to the backup power supply at any time.

We offer the best price for energy storage solutions and install systems in short time

Features Energy Storage Systems

Backup power supply, in case of a power outage
With Solar Panels save your budget by reducing the electricity bill
Availability for all and payback in short time
Easy installation anywhere, does not take up much space
No harmful emissions, it is safe for you and the environment
Control via mobile application * (depends on the model)
Warranty up to 10 years * (depends on the model)

For who it needed

For your businnes

Even a minute of simple work will lead to great financial losses for the company. If the power will turn off, then will not working all:

  • No Light everywhere
  • No Computers and servers with company data
  • No Telephone and Internet connection
  • No Air conditioners and refrigeration systems
  • No Security system and video surveillance

For your home

Cosiness, comfort and safety of your family are very important. If the power will turn off, then will not working all:

  • No Light everywhere
  • No Water supply
  • No Conditioners
  • No Internet and television
  • No Security system

For vehicles

Trucks and yachts are forbidden to stand in the parking lot with the engine running, and the available batteries are not enough for a long time. Also there is a risk to plant the battery completely and not be able to start.

Our company offers you to install additional batteries that are charged while driving and allow you to use air conditioning and lights anytime and anywhere, without fear of penalties and plant a battery.

Who we are

We are a team of certified professionals in the field of electricity connection. Having all the necessary tools and extensive work experience allows us to do our job quickly, efficiently and on time. Our specialists will carefully study your request. We work with a large number of equipment suppliers on special terms and we will be able to choose the most beneficial and convenient solution for you. You will be satisfied with the work with us.

How we work

  • You tell us about your requirements
  • Free measure, analyze and offer a solution
  • Formal agreement signing
  • Fast install and all connect
  • Start and control the operation of the system
  • You use
  • Manufacturer's warranty up to 10 years

and get energy storage system