Renewable Energy

Nowadays Solar energy is cheap, flexible and literally everlasting source of Power. The Solar system can considerably reduce your monthly electricity bills, get access to energy in remote areas, save a lot of funds on diesel fuel in case of Generators usage.

BRAVO Solar Energy Systems Contracting provides Turnkey projects execution of On-Grid and Off-Grid for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental etc. purposes including Dubai Shams program. Our experienced Solar Systems engineers provide thorough assessment of Customer needs and requirements, deliver detailed Design and calculations. We also take care of all paperwork and permits. Installation is carried out by trained personnel under constant supervision of Engineers.

BRAVO Solar Energy Systems Contracting offers vast variety of equipment from top rated equipment Manufacturers. Photovoltaic panels with 10 years replaceable warranty and 25 years of service life-span, high efficient and reliable Inverters with up to 10 years warranty, best batteries for energy storage made on latest AGM, Gel and Lithium Iron Phosphate technologies. As a part of a package we offer 24-hours On-line monitoring system where entire information about PV Power production rate, efficiency, consumption and so on is displayed and can be accessible from anywhere via computer or smartphone.

Innovation is everyone's commitment, despite their business interest or location. An EPC thinking, positive at each phase of projects, lets us foreseeing requirement and improve our skills and abilities.

Lead by our Renewable and Sustainable Team, innovation is at service in all aspects of our business, whether it be enhancing the performance of equipment and design we use, carrying out the projects with a focus on quality and safety.

Innovations such as 3D Visualization, PVsol, Suntools, PVsyst and SCADA System are at the heart of our Bravo Solar Energy Systems Contracting company work for the next Green Power generation. Presently our Engineering team is focused on:

  • Renewable and Sustainable energy development;
  • PV panels and Diesel Generators Hybrid System;
  • PV Solar Smart 24/7 generating Electricity;
  • Grid Tie PV Solar System (On-Grid);
  • Stand Alone PV Solar System (Off-Grid);
  • Strategic approach to each of our business areas.

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